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We start 2012 with a special spotlight on the value of enterprise architecture.

Demonstrating the business value of enterprise architecture has been a long-standing challenge. We’d like to add our own thoughts to this discussion, so we have created a video to share some understanding of what EA can add to your business. Customers who are engaged in day-to-day EA activities know the benefits from the use of such practices, so we asked them to express their own perspectives.

We invite you to join them and share your own insights into what makes these EA initiatives such valuable investments for your organization.

We are eager to promote your vision in our next edition of the EA Exclusive!

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Our Customers Speak...

Do you Know the Value of Enterprise Architecture?

While enterprise architects have long been aware of the broad business value of EA, not all potential stakeholders have a clear grasp on how it can improve different aspects of their operations.

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Are you able to manage expected and unexpected changes within information systems? When is it appropriate to take a step back and assess (and re-assess) your IT environment?

In today’s constantly evolving global market, our customer testify that enterprise architecture helps them

  • React quickly and effectively to internal and external influences on the business
  • Communicate extensive libraries of data to departments outside of IT with simplicity
  • Perform analysis and make well-informed recommendations that are aligned with executive expectations


We invite you to view our brief video to listen to our customers and get an executive perspective on the benefits of embracing enterprise architecture.

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Best Practices

The IT Service Catalog – Manage Your IT Assets to Meet Business Expectations by Matching IT Services and Required Functionalities

IT Service CatalogAre you facing IT alignment issues? Have you ever thought about the impact of IT services (and its scope) on business needs? By describing required functionalities and the services your IT provides, you can ensure that your IT assets match your business expectations.

Find out how to build your own IT Service Catalog and how to best profit from it in MEGA’s latest best practice project.

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Food for Thought

Top 5: Enterprise Architecture Take-Aways from Gartner

EA is a hot topic in the IT industry and its definition and value-add is constantly being debated, investigated, and analyzed. As we’ve said in the past: an organization’s success relies largely on the technology in embraces. Gartner released their enterprise architecture conference summary report from the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2011, which took place October 16-20 in Orlando. Richard Buchanan, Managing VP at Gartner, Inc., noted that new survey results point to EAs emphasizing a broader business focus, rather than solely a technology focus. Do you agree? What are you top concerns in the list of take-aways that Gartner established from the conference...

  • Click here to voteLeverage the potential for innovation. Use the EA process to spur and direct innovation by answering questions like: What new business capabilities are needed? Which business processes must be improved? What parts do technology and process play in creating durable competitive advantage?
  • Sharing more information leads to more meaningful outcomes. Focus less on storing or compressing data and more on mastering the flow and “shareability” on information. By shifting from ad hoc data sharing to architected data sharing, enterprises can achieve a network effect for information.
  • Big data. Big data can deliver business value by improving the ability to access, analyze and visualize more diverse data sources. In so doing, organizations can generate sharper insights about their business or environment.
  • Dramatic shifts. The concerns of EAs have shifted from enterprise technical and enterprise solutions architecture to enterprise information and enterprise business architecture. With this has come an increased ability for enterprise architects to contribute to business change and transformation.
  • New implications for information. Studying information and architecting it on a project-by-project basis is dead. Enterprise architects have to look at information on its own, apart from any IT projects, systems or applications.

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Where We Have Been

Report from the Complex Systems Design & Management Conference

MEGA participated in the Complex Systems Design & Management (CSDM) 2011 conference in Paris December 7-9.

CSDMThe conference was organized by the non-profit association, the Center of Excellence on Systems Architecture, Management, Economics & Strategy (CESAMES). It was attended by academic researchers and representatives from corporations who are working on complex industrial systems engineering. This year, the conference attracted 250 attendees.

The first day of the conference was dedicated to presentations and discussions on the social and industrial contexts of complex systems engineering. It consisted of a number of high-profile seminars that gave the participants a clear vision of the domain and its themes: sustainable cities, smart grids, the electric vehicle ecosystem, and more.

The second day was devoted to systemic methodologies and fundamentals emerging from academic as well as industrial environments. It was centered on how the architectural paradigm helps planners think about complex systems in a unified way.

The third day was dedicated to contributed talks from industry and academia.
Attendees who visited the MEGA booth discovered solutions based on Model Based System Engineering (MBSE), and our software tool MEGA for NAF (NATO Architecture Framework).

MEGA is a sponsor of CESAMES, a partner of the CSDM conferences, and a member of the CESAMES steering committee.

To learn more about CSDM 2011 and read the presentations click here. The next conference, CSDM 2012, will be 12-14 December 2012 in Paris, click here.

CESAMES promotes methods of systems architecture to allow professionals to better control the speed and execution risk in their technology projects. CESAMES organizes different activities to promote systems architecture: thematic evenings, workshops & debates for specialists, and the annual conferences



We’ll be glad to share more news about enterprise architecture in the next edition of our EA Exclusive!


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